Firmware update WLL550 – AS55x

A new firmware is available for all WLL550 Pro and AS55x devices:

The most significant changes are:

  • SIP capability for WLL550 Pro
    SIP over the WLL550, by upgrade.
  • FAX over SIP
    Upgrade for FAX over SIP. This feature is available on all SIP capable interfaces
    including WLL550 Pro and all AS55X VoIP. One FAX transmission at once over
    any GSM radio channel.
  • SIP instant messaging optimization
    Enhancements for multipart short messages for up to 459 characters.
  • APN selection depending on the IMSI of the SIM card
  • Optionally configurable the dependency on the network.

Please also see the release notes 3_21.

Some new features require a current version of the AS55X service software.