Software Modules AS55x

For AS551 BRI, PRI, VoIP, AS550 and WLL550 Pro
TELNETThe TELNET function supplies virtual COM ports
via TCP, which can be used e.g. With a simple
terminal program,via VSP (Virtual Serial Port)
drivers or with a suitable software directly
via TCP/IP. The GSM channels are controlled with
AT commands according to the following ETSI standards:
ETS 300 585, ETS 300 916, GSM 07.05, GSM 07.07.

With an AS550, up to 2 virtual COM ports can
be activated, with an AS551 up to 6th are
For professional SMS-2-Mail
or Mail-2-SMS solutions.
We recommend to you:


by Sonal.

Information SMS Comfort - EN
SMS - APIThe open SMS-API organizes the access for external
software products to the short message function of
an AS55x GSM interface. It is possible to address up
to 30 GSM channels over an IP port 'SMS Server
Multiple Channel'
mode. Or assign a
dedicated IP port for each GSM channel '
SMS Server Single Channel'
mode. Mixed
operation is also possible. All available GSM
radio channels of an AS55x can be used.

The short message transmission may e.g.
Are triggered directly from the application
and routed via a freely definable GSM radio
module. This allows larger quotas of short
messages to be spread over selected providers.
Sensitive employee or customer information
is not passed on to an external service
provider, but directly to the mobile phone
A detailed description of the SMS-API
can be found here:

Information SMS-API
SMS - ServerWith the SMS server, SMS short messages can be sent via SIP message without having to set up an additional infrastructure via TELNET or SMS API. This is possible with all SIP-capable AS55X interfaces

As with Telnet or the SMS API, sensitive information is not left to an external service provider on the internet, but sent directly via the mobile network.
SMS - CenterIf the requirements for an SMS solution are less
complex than the SMS-API, we offer the SMS Center
program as a 'small' solution for the SMS short
message service. Similar to a messenger, short
messages can be received and sent from a Windows PC
via the AS55x interface using the SMS center software.

The program can be used in parallel with a license
on several computers in a network.
A description of the SMS messenger
can be found here:

Information SMS-Center
VOICE 'PBX' BACKUPIf a high backup level for the telephone
connections is required, all AS55x with ISDN
interface can be used as a complete line
replacement by the "Voice Backup" software
module. If the fixed line is switched off
completely or if the connection setup fails
permanently, the AS55x automatically takes
over the line function until the fixed line
is 'live' again.

'Voice Backup' can be used with AS550 BRI
as well as all variants of the AS551 BRI
or PRI.
SNMPAll AS55x in a network can be administered
and monitored centrally as well as standard
network components, the SNMP service is
optionally available.

The SNMP module is available for all AS55x
with LAN connection.
The MIB file for all AS55x
can be found here:

Kuhnt MIB-Datei
TestlizenzIn order to be able to test the different
functions of the software modules without
limitation, a Test-license can be activated
for all AS55x and WLL550 Pro GSM interfaces.
The Test-license can be started or paused
for an interruption at any time. It is valid
until the test period of a total of 28 days
has elapsed. All optional functions can be
tested as required or at a suitable occasion
without the need to purchase a separate license.

The Test-license can be activated and
deactivated easily with the AS55x service
software configuration program.
The Test-license is free
and applies to all available software
options (Extended features).