Standalone GSM alarm device

4 input and 2 output contacts, plus a connection for a temperature sensor.

ALG4011 GSM Alarm DeviceSends via SMS short message, alarm messages or control commands. Controlled by an internally working Cinterion TC65i GSM module with its own JAVA application.
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Operating mode

When an input contact is triggered by a machine, a measuring sensor or an alarm system, the a SMS short message is sent and a responsible person or a maintenance service is informed accordingly.

The output contacts can initiate remote switching operations via SMS short messages, in order to switch various devices and sensors on and off. Possible applications are the monitoring of air-conditioning or pumping systems as well as frost monitors and heater controll. Or external lighting, level and temperature measurements, and not least burglar and theft alarm systems.

The voltage supply of the ALG4011 is via a wide-range input, so that existing DC voltage sources can be used. To increase operational reliability, there is optionally a maintenance-free backup unit which has sufficient power to be able to transmit some additional SMS short messages in case of an interruption or failure of the power supply. The housing is designed for mounting on the mounting rail.

Range of application

Protection from:
  • People and vehicles
  • Holiday homes and boats
  • Construction sites / construction machinery
  • Office containers, measuring stands
  • Stables, mast installations
Fault reports from:
  • Unmanned working machines
  • Pumps e.g. For groundwater reduction
  • Mobile generators
  • alarm systems
  • Frost guards
Threshold values from:
  • Measuring points in cooling houses
  • Frost monitoring in tree nurseries
  • Storage containers
  • Flood levels
Monitoring of:
  • Charges
  • Parking vehicles and swap trailers
  • Marinas
  • Resorts
Switched on and off various electrical loads  with the relay outputs of the ALG4011 by remote.

Optional accessories for ALG4011

  • Temperature sensor
  • Humidity sensor

Technical data

Radio moduleCinterion TC65i
HousingDIN rail
IP20, width 22,50 mm
height: 117mm; depth: 115mm
Inputs4 (by terminal strip), galvanically isolated
Valid voltage range: -30V … +30V
Undefinined voltage range: +1.5V … 4.5V
Detected voltage range: 4,5V … 30V
Outputs2 (terminal strip),
relais switched galvanically isolated
Valid voltage to ground of the ALG4011
power supply: -30V … +30V
Max. switching circuit: 1A
Type: normally closed contact or
normally open contact
1 (terminal strip)
Range: -20°C ... 70°C
Resolution: 0.1°C
Max. deviation at 20°C: 0.8°C
Power supply sensor1 (internal)
effective range: 4.5V … 30V
Resolution: 0.1V
Max. deviation
from 7V to 30V: 0.3V
Watchdog (internal)1 (internal)
AlarmingSMS text message
Power supplyVoltage range for normal operation:
7V … 30V DC (terminal strip)
SuperCap (optional)For alarming in case of power failure (black-out)
approx. 1 minute power buffer.
Power consumptionAverage power consumption: 1.2W
(with GSM-module logged on and LAN activity)
Max. power consumption: 5W
(with an active voice call and loading
of the SuperCap battery)
Max. charging time for the backup unit:
10 minutes
Average power consumption in stand-by mode:
less than 0.5W
Work enviromentOperating temperature range: -20°C … 55°C
Storage temperature range: -40°C … 85°C
Humidity range: 0% to 90%
Subject to modifications!