Kuhnt CBS 2600 mobile compact with dual-WAN LTE

No longer available!

All high class ChannelBonding or LoadBalancing functions condensed into a solid handy unit. Fast and stable internet – wherever you are *, whether stationary or mobile (e.g. Command unit, Outside broadcasting van, coach or cruise ship). The system you have been waiting for. Providing broadband Internet access as a service is a step in the future and where no lines can lead, mobile facilities must make this possible. – As a service for customers and employees.

Learn more about the possibilities and the technical equipment of the CBS2600 mobile compact on this page

* Requirement for a full operation are valid SIM cards, an appropriate data quota and a sufficiently stable radio circuit in the mobile network.

FAQ CBS2x00 - DE

Stationary Server requiredNo Server required.
Increased data protection, because across every single mobile-channel, only a fraction of each data stream is transmitted. The Server can control the internet connections from and to the mobile site. All documentation of the internet traffic and routings can be recorded.Documentation of the internet traffic on the mobile site necessary
If individual channels fail, the load is taken over seamlessly by other channels, no user-link will be interruptedIf individual channels fail, user-links will interrupt. A stream, download or page impressions must be initiated again, partially this is done automatically by the browser or the Android- /iOS application
Uniform load distribution, even at load peaks on individual connectionsFor one stream (TCP and UDP) the maximum transmission rate of ione umts-radio channel is possible at most
A user is online with one fixed IP-address always, even in cross-border traffic. During the crossing the internet access will be uninterrupted, unless the supply is given by at least one network operatorA user is with different IP-addresses online
For the channel-management between mobile and stationary side, there is a traffic of 2 MB per channel and day. Nevertheless, the number of active channels is constantly adjusted to the data volume that is actually requested by the user.No Overhead and no data traffic for the channel-management.
Minimum hardware used on mobile side, reduces possible maintenance work to a minimum.Minimal hardware used on the mobile side, reduces possible maintenance work to a minimum.
By high traffic from the internet a jam caused by the bottleneck of the mobile-channel. The network provider buffers a limited amount of data (partly only 100 packets). The proxy absorbs this bottleneck..


For both variants it takes effect that UMTS-networks always are shared media. With the result that all participants share the available bandwidth, thus more channels are used in a network the more do compete with each other. Empiric tests have shown that this has greatly impact on an operator when three or more channels are used.

Our intention with the CBS 2600 mobile compact is the creation of a preferable comprehensive (including country areas), stabl and fast internet supply.


On the one hand LoadBalancing suites to most requirements for mobile internet service. It is easy to setup and easy to maintain. On the other hand ChannelBonding provides significantly higher reliability and better security if the mobile network quality is alternating. With the CBS 2600 mobile compact we can offer both options alternatively within a single hardware-version.

Technical data

RadioGemalto/Cinterion PLS8:
Five Band LTE: 800/900/1800/2100/2600 MHz, FDD-Band (20,8,3,7,1)
Tri Band UMTS (WCDMA): 900/1800/2100 MHz, FDD-Band (8,3,1)
Dual Band GSM/GPRS/EDGE: 900/1800 MHz
InterfacesLAN/Ethernet 10/100 Base-T, RJ45, ‘auto sensing’
Network protocols:DHCP, DNS, ARP
SIM-cardsSIM-switch with up to four 3V mini-SIM
MaintenanceVia WebUI or service software CBS2X00-Service
for WINDOWS oeprating systems
Interfaces: via LAN or 'Reverse IP' (Internet)
(Access secured by username and password)
Antenna1 x antenna combiner 2 > 1 - SMA female
1 x antenna combiner 2 > 1 - SMA female for LTE diversity
Power supply12V to 30V DC
> Micro Mate-N-Lok connecting cord<
Power consumption2 Channel(PLS8 / PLS8):
min. approx. 4,5W / max. approx.. 10W (with Mascot type 9619)
Size125 (154*) mm x 35mm x 185mm
* incl. fixation set
Weightapprox. 810g excl. power supply
Work environmentOperating temperature range: -30°C to +70°C
Storage temperature range: -10°C to 70°C
Humidity range: 0% to 90%
Subject to modifications!