WLL550 Pro

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The WLL550 Pro (wireless local loop) is an interface between telephone terminals and the 2G-, 3G- and 4G-mobile phone network. As a stand-alone hardware, it can be used as a full land line replacement for the operation of telephones, G3 faxes and Radio-to-LAN adapters or PBXs.
In addition to the telephone and fax functions (GSM Fax), the use as an 3G/4G modem is provided, so that a broadband internet access via LTE, HSPA+ or HSDPA is avaiable. Briefly summarise all services such as telephone and fax as well as an internet access are available in parallel with a single device.
This device is particularly suitable as a “mobile-office solution” in mobile devices, e.g. Mobile control centers, MLS, ELW, ELF (emergency vehicle in Germany) or KdoF (command vehicle in Austria) for fire brigades and rescue services or on the inland waterway and at sea.

Recommended as a universal ‘mobile office’ or ‘mobile cabin’ solution for:

  • Emergency communication units of police, fire brigades and medical services
  • Construction management boxes
  • Maritime SAR service vessels
  • Mobile office vans
  • River boats
  • Backup systems
  • Barges


Or even as a temporary fixed-line-replacement in developing areas and structurally weak areas or as fallback-system in case of emergency.

Optional features such as the SIP function, a Short-message-API and the SIM card changer with ProviderSimSwitch expands the range of usage.

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WLL550 Pro basic setupWLL550 Pro setup with wireless router and DECTWLL550 Pro setup with SIP PABX

Range of application

The WLL550 is a very versatile and powerful communication basis. Whether in stationary application or in mobile command centers, as well as in vehicles, it finds its place. In the version as a Provider SimSwitch, it is ideal for command vehicles in order to achieve maximum availability.

Mobile office for emergency communication units of police, fire brigades and medical services SAR

 Command Units of police, fire department or the technical emergency service are just as important as the courageous relief workers. They stay in contact with the base and coordinate the operations to save lives. For this a reliable communication infrastructure is required. With the WLL550 Pro, commercial components come into the vehicle. From the usual telephone, across the fax machine up to the Internet. And for areas in which a provider can not provide comprehensive reception, there is also the device in the version as a Provider SimSwitch, in which up to 5 different providers can be controlled by the device. Thus we implement telephone, fax and Internet in the Command vehicle.

The mobile office

Mr. M. is managing director of a department store chain and every day in a different local branch. So far, he could not use the driving time very effective, because the Internet signal often broke off and calls were only possible through his mobile phone. With the WLL550 Pro drew an unsuspected piece of work quality in his vehicle. The device was installed expertly by us and a familiar office infrastructure, in the form of a desk phone (with speakerphones function), a wireless access point for use of his tablet and a fax / printer / scanner combination unit, completed his rolling office. Now he can use the travel time as well as when he sits in his office and comes on top of that relaxed to his appointments.

Replacement for the landline

Those who moves too often or travels much, that a fixed line is not worth it, can draw on the WLL550 Pro. Imagine: You’re moving, the new office is ready, and often that would be the point, you must wait for the landline service. With the WLL550 Pro there is no more waiting. Easy to install!

Mobile office in construction containers

Wherever there is no wired network, the network operator wants to save the cost of development or due to the short duration of the construction site, the WLL550 Pro is used. Unpacking, insert SIM card, connect phone and fax – the office is already operational

Mobile office on board of river barges and vessels

Wherever there is no wired network,like on vessel and boats, the WLL550 Pro is a helpfull accessory. Unpacking, insert SIM cards, connect phone and fax – the floating office is already operational


Technical data

FunkmoduleGemalto/Cinterion TC63i/TC65i
GSM quad-band Modem
Klasse 4 (2W bei 850/900MHz)
Klasse 1 (1W bei 1800/1900MHz)

Gemalto/Cinterion BGS2-W
GSM Quad-Band Modem
850/900/1800/1900 MHz

Gemalto/Cinterion PLS8:
Five Band LTE:
800/900/1800/2100/2600 MHz,
FDD-Band (20,8,3,7,1)
Tri Band UMTS (WCDMA):
900/1800/2100 MHz,
FDD-Band (8,3,1)
900/1800 MHz
Programmierung - Wartunglokal per LAN-Netzwerk
Fernwartung per GSM-Datendienst
oder ReverseIP
Weitbereichseingang 12 - 30 Volt
Gleichspannung, MATE-N-LOK
Telefon POTS
2-Draht Amtsanschluss
HKZ / RJ11
Wahlverfahren:DTMF (Mehrfrequenzwahlverfahren)
G3-Faxseparater 2-Draht Amtsanschluss
HKZ / RJ11
Internetper LAN-Netzwerk
IP - SchnittstelleRJ 45 Ethernet 10/100 Base-T
SIP 2.0 / UDP als Server,
Client oder Peer-To-Peer
Zusätzliche Protokolle:
Codec: G.711 µ-law, G.711 a-law
Authentifikation: MD5
GSM Daten Dienste
und SMS
per TELNET mit einem Softwaremodul
per eigener SMS-API (im Lieferumfang)
*Hardwarevariante erforderlich
Antennen1 integrierter Antennensplitter 2 x 1
auf eine SMA Buchse. Bei LTE zusätzlich
1 x SMA Buchse für Antennen - Diversity
Abmessungen153mm B x 35mm H x 185 mm T
Gewichtca. 1050 Gramm (2 Funkmodule)
min. 3w / max. 6w (2 Funkmodule)
5°C to 40°C
bei 0% bis 90% Feuchte
-10°C to 70°C
Technische Änderungen vorbehalten!