Range of application of the SIM card changer

A SimSwitch® interface allows the use of up to 5 SIM cards per radio channel. Each card reader is accessible from the front or via an easy-to-loosen cover. Time or data volume controlled or according to individually adjustable parameters, the SimSwitch® manages the SIM cards of each radio channel. The original idea behind this was the possibilities of cost savings in mobile-to-fixed-network or fixed-line-to-mobile calls. Today the SimSwitch® is still used for special functions in the WLL550 Pro and CBS2600.


SimSwitch WLL550 Pro

Provider SimSwitch® WLL550 Pro

The WLL550 Pro equipped with a SimSwitch® is able to manage different network operators in one device and to choose the best possible service automatically  to achieve maximum availability. This innovation is a key aspect in areas where a single network operator is not widely available and gives you the security to keep the mobile office always ready for use.

SimSwitch® within the CBS2600SimSwitch CBS2600

The SimSwitch® is standard equipment for the CBS2600. By switching the SIM cards, data quotas can be processed effectively or additional costs avoided during international data roaming.