Water Gauge Radio

Water Gauge Radio –  SEK III

Water Gauge Radio -  SEK III

No longer available!

On Germany’s North Sea coast, a radio system (water gauge data radio) is in operation that provides water level information. This information is collected from over 90 measuring points, by the Federal Waterways Directorates (Wasser- und Schifffahrtsdirektionen Nord und Nordwest) and is radiated by radio, in the 2-meter band. In addition to the water level values, some hydrological measured values ​​such as temperatures and wind values ​​are transmitted. Widely used by water engineering companies, in coastal protection or also for land surveying to obtain current reference points to the water surface.

The Sekundäranzeige III can receive these values ​​and display them. Menu controlled, up to three values at a time can be selected from the pool of available measuring points, which are displayed simultaneously. In parallel, the Sekundäranzeige III provides all the received measured values ​​at an interface to a computer or a machine control.

The evaluation can be done as a reference point between level zero, sea chart zero and normal zero. The measured values ​​are updated every minute. A tendency of the water level, whether rising, falling or stagnant, is also displayed. Some selected levels also display weather data such as wind speed and temperature.

The service itself will be supervised by the Federal Waterways Directorates (Wasser- und Schifffahrtsdirektionen). The operation of a Sekundäranzeige III requires a written approval of the Federal Waterways Directorates (Wasser- und Schifffahrtsdirektionen Nord und Nordwest) which is mandatory for acquisition aswell.

Further information on water level data transmission (Wasserstandsdatenfernübertragung – WDFÜ) is available at the Federal Waterways Directorates (Wasser- und Schifffahrtsdirektion Nordwest .)



Technical data

Receiving frequency164,37MHz
Sensitivity0,3μV/50 Ohm
Channel spacing20 KHz
DisplayGraphical LCD display 128x64 Pixel
Display up to 3 gauges simultaneously
For normal zero, zero level,
Sea charts - zero or LAT,
Wind speed and wind direction.
InterfaceRS232/serial (V.24)
Antenna connectorType M female
power supply and V.24
Type mini Binder 5-pin
temperature range
–15° to +55°C
Operating voltage10,5V for quick charging.
Valid voltage range for normal
charging: DC 10V to 14V
Power inputmax. 0,5A
Battery-supplied operationapprox. 16 Stunden
SizeH 142 mm x B 89 mm x T 38 mm
(excl. antenna)
Weightapprox. 700 Gramm